Forcing a Preschooler to Nap


I am fortunate enough to work at a place that offers an onsite daycare. My 3 year old son goes to that daycare and has since he was 1. They are montessori and he has changes rooms as he has progressed. He started a new room about 3-4 months ago and is having problems napping during the day. He doesn't have any issues napping at home or in the previous rooms he has been in. It sounds like he picked up some bad habits with having the teachers rub his back or arm or whatever to get him to sleep during his first few days and it never stopped. Sometimes he can be disruptive now and gets up to play while others are sleeping. This then leads to a tougher night since he didn't nap and is lacking sleep in general. Any ideas on how we can get him to nap better during the day? My thought was to have him go to bed earlier at night and let him know he has to go to sleep earlier because he didn't nap, but I wasn't sure if he can understand and relate those two events. The other thing is that when we leave at the end of the day there are pretzel rods to eat on the ride home. Maybe no pretzel if he doesn't nap? Any ideas on what to do would be great. Thanks!

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