Challenges of Ticket System for Mother of Four


Our oldest 4 children, ages 10, 8, 6, and 5, are all on the tickets system. They each start the day with 5 tickets. The first three tickets lost are "free", the 4th ticket costs them the privileges of screens and sugar, and the 5th ticket send them to their rooms for the day with an early bedtime. My question is how to implement these consequences when we go out, or have company over, or are traveling. If grandparents are visiting from out of state, or if we are visiting them, and a child loses his 5th ticket, does he go to his room even though it means missing time with family he only sees occasionally? Or if we're going to a birthday party all together, and a child has lost his 4th ticket, does he have to miss out on the cake and ice cream, even though that would cause him to feel humiliated? If we have company over for dinner and are having dessert, does the badly behaving child get to stay and eat dessert, or does he go to his room and bed? What are the situations in which we should make exceptions?

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