Individual Time With Children


What is Mr. Rosemond's take on parents spending daily "special time" with each child, 15-30 mins per day? All the "empathy parenting" websites claim that daily special time is essential for building and maintaining the parent-child relationship (not so that parents and children will be friends, but so that the child willingly accepts the parent's authority). I have 6 children under age 12 and we homeschool, and I simply do not have 15-30 minutes each day to spend playing with each child (nor do I really want to...). The best I can do is 2-3 sessions per child per week, and on busy weeks even that much doesn't happen. How much could the lack of individual attention be contributing to my children's behavior problems? I totally agree with Mr. Rosemond that children don't need a lot of parental attention, so what is a good amount of individual time for a child to have with his or her parent, just doing something the child enjoys?

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