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Resetting The Dial Can Be Best Bet


What are the suggested number of target behaviors and daily tickets for children of the following ages:
1) boy age 5 - generally a low-misbehaver, main problem is tantrums, sometimes disobeys or hits siblings
2) boy age 6.5 - also a low-misbehaver, main problems are whining and disobedience/not listening.
3) boy age 8 - medium/high-misbehaver, main problems are meanness to younger sibs, disrespect for parents, and bad attitude/refusal to do schoolwork (all are homeschooled).
4) girl age 3.5 - low-misbehaver, main problem is screaming tantrums - too young for tickets?
5) girl age 10.5 - very high-misbehaver, we're working on a garden kick for her, but for after she gets her stuff back, how many tickets and behaviors?

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