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Disrespectful 7-Year-Old


We are using the discipline strategies taught in Well-Behaved Child. I home school 7 and 5 year old boys. My 7 year old responds to me with disrespectful remarks. For example: "You are so mean, I am done with you!" "why did you put my book on the floor?!! How would you like it if I pushed a desk on the floor? Fine! I'm going to go do it now!" as he rushes out of the room. He says all of this without me ever responding. And we do not talk to our kids or each other (my husband and I) like this. I have no idea where "I'm done with you" comes from. My question is: how do I discipline that? I feel disrespectful talk should constitute a bigger consequence then an X in a box (warning). And can I require an apology for disrespectful talk? What should that look like?

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