Adult Daughter Not Helping Around the House


Hello, I have a question about an older child living at home. Our daughter lives with us and is in her senior year of college. She is a very sweet person, respectful to us and works hard in school and even has two jobs outside of school. My problem is she does not help around the house and doesn’t keep up with her laundry and room. I’ve heard I should ignore it, and shut her door- etc. but we have a small house, with lots of people and it’s an older home. She leaves wet towels on the floor and it’s damaged the floor, and also doesn’t keep her bathroom clean and I feel I can’t have guests over. I don’t know why we are having such a hard time with this. I also don’t know how to “discipline” an adult “child”- I will ask her to do things and she just won’t do it or will do the bare minimum- and only after I’ve asked several times. She wasn’t like this as a child- it seems to have become worse as an adult. Any advice welcome!

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