Name Calling Not OK For Young Boy



I received an email from my child's teacher today. This is what it said.
I wanted to let you know that R had to be spoken to about hurting a child's feelings on Wednesday. He was calling a student in our class a name (baby). The child was upset enough to come and tell me. We all 3 had a chat and talked about hurting feelings and name calling etc.
Today at recess, another teacher had an incident with R calling a child in her class a name.
I realize this is something that young children do, but twice in a week, I wanted to ask you to have a chat with him.
Thank you."

As a Mom who practices kindness and compassion, and just general overall friendliness to almost everyone I meet, even when I don't feel like it...I am at a loss. The same goes for my husband. R is a full year older than most kids in his class. He had a late birthday and we decided to hold both him and his twin brother a year before they went to kindergarten. Maturity wise, at the time, I felt it was the best decision. Now, I look around his class, and he seems a lot older than some of the kids. I don't understand the reason behind him doing this when we preach kindness to others.
Not sure what to do next. Whether to punish him because of this, or just "have a chat?"
Sad Mom

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