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2-yo Bedtime Tyrant.
I have been doing exactly what you guys told me. she still wakes up at night finds herself on her bed, she goes down again to sleep on the floor behind the door, I keep moving her back, she cries until she falls asleep on the floor behind the door.Yesterday, I opened the door and made her stay in her room, she stays there, I keep saying stay in ur room, so she stays, but same thing, she wakes up at night sit by the door and cries. At nap time, I keep the door opened, she cries and get exhausted calling for me, until she falls asleep if we are lucky. she is not getting enough sleep at all, if I count how many times she wakes up at night, and wakes up at 6;00am everyday, which is extremely early because she falls asleep around 9pm and doesn't take a good nap.
also, the plan was that she is going to start 3 days school right after her 2nd birthday, October 5, so I was intending to get her start potty training next week, if she stays like this I do not know how will she react to potty training.
what should I do now?
Thank you

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