7 yro needs a check up from the good old Dr.


I am starting my 3rd year of homeschooling my son who is now a 7 year old 2nd grader. And this year I’ve added my 5 year old kindergartener. I have struggled with the 7 year old obeying me especially during schooling. I read the well behaved book and reviewed it over and over. I send him to his room for the day often after school work is done (or before) for disobeying, arguing, yelling, and talking back. He will be doing well and then literally lose it all in 5 minutes. He spends a long time yelling for me from his room wanting my attention and subsequently telling me that I’m so horrible for ignoring him when he is dying of thirst. I need to know if I am on the right track. Is there some point where I need to use another punishment like pops when he continues to scream in and on? Do I need to push on through? Delaying schooling at times for his behavior. I am wondering with it being the beginning of the year, if I am doing him a disservice by keeping him at home for school instead of enrolling him in our public school that is a good school. In settings with others like co-op homeschool classes and church classes he is very attentive and respectful. I must add he is number 4 of 5 and made me feel like a brand new parent when his strong-will kicked in at about age 4! The older 3 never gave me the lip and attitude he does.

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