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My daughter and her spouse separated after three years in a tumultuous relationship. He was verbally abusive and their relationship was adversely impacted by alcohol, infidelity and employment issues. They have two children that remain with their mother and have supervised visits sporadically with their father. We (Grandparents) have been able to assist with childcare from infancy for our grandchildren while their Mother teaches elementary school. We have a close relationship with these children. The oldest grandchild is 5 years old and started kindergarten at a private christian school this year. We help fund the tuition for both children. We refrain from discussing their Father in front of the children.
Issue: Recently after visiting with his Father my grandson shared with me some details of his visit (all appropriate) and then asked me if I liked his Father. I avoided answering him directly on this occasion but I know it will come up again. Of course I am not happy with the way this man treated my daughter nor approve of his father's behavior or lifestyle (and pray that he may one day change) but that is not information I need to share with a child about their parent. My thoughts tend to want to let him come to his own conclusions about his Dad however he is quite young and is a boy who wants to identify with his Dad.
Do you have any recommendations on how I might respond to my grandson without compromising him?

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