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I'm looking for some guidance on how to talk to my young children about gay marriage. My kids are 9 and 6 years old. They just informed me that their art teacher is a girl who just married a girl. We are Christians and believe that marriage is only between a man and woman. It saddens me that we have to have these conversations at such a young age, but that is the reality of today. Of course, I want them to love all people regardless of their choices, good or bad. I just don't want them to think it's normal or acceptable to God. Are you able to provide some insight on this subject?

Back story: This isn't the first time it has come up. In preschool, another girl told my daughter that girls could marry each other. They pretended to get married and kissed. At that time, we told her (and brother) that God wants all the kids to have both a mommy and daddy and they want to marry the opposite sex. That settled it for a while, but now they have teachers as examples. It breaks my heart!

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