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Let the Toddler Games Begin!


Hi! My son is 11 months old and has started to deliberately do things we tell him not - he will throw his sippy cup anytime he is sitting in his high chair, and hits both my husband and I. We firmly tell him no, and take away the sippy cup or remove ourselves from playing with him if he continues to hit us. Is there more we should be doing? We are first time parents (if you can't already tell haha).


Hello and thanks for reaching out to Parent Guru. Let the toddler games begin! Sounds to me like you are off to a great start as first time parents with responding to your son. I would not place a lot of emphasis on the intent or deliberateness of his actions at this age other than to say that their primary purpose is to help your son learn. In this case he is learning through cause and effect. When he throws his cup, it causes you to take it away and when he hits it causes you to say no and stop playing with him. Keep doing what you are doing and stay consistent with your responses by keeping them simple, using as few words as possible, and redirecting his behavior when needed. Be sure to keep your sense of humor though because some of these toddler learning games will last longer than others and those cute smiles they give you when you say NO will surely melt your heart.

Lisa Woodman
Certified Leadership Parenting Coach

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