Premature Worry


Hello. I adopted my son, now 5 1/2, at birth, and I am a single working (teacher) mother. He is close to my brothers and my dad and has never expressed a desire for a dad and when asked, will say, "We don't have a dad in our family. It's just me and my mom."

He is going to Catholic school kindergarten in a month. Most families will be traditional families, a lot with moms who stay home. I have talked to the school and his teacher about our family situation.

How can I prepare him for questions that might arise: "Why don't you have a dad?" "Where is he?" I also am not sure how much to divulge about his adoption to other families. I prefer to make it his decision to tell, but as I am not married and there is no father around, people in a small area get curious and I have flat-out been asked many times.

I wonder if I should have sent him to our diverse elementary school but there are more behavioral problems there.

Thank you.

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