8 year old sneaking treats and lying about it


Hi there, my 8 yo daughter has been sneaking sweets and biscuits from the pantry - and throwing out/hiding her fruit and sometimes other stuff she doesn’t like from her packed lunches. She has then lied that she’s finished everything and asks for biscuits for afternoon tea. Then quite often, she picks at dinner and claims she isn’t hungry. We have often found hidden cut apples, fish slices.. stuffed in her school bag. The latest episode was rotten pears in her drawers - and sweets and biscuits hidden in her room. We try to limit sweets and snacks but we have made it clear that she is allowed to ask (but may sometimes be told no). We do have the occasional ice cream, and desserts too so I don’t believe I’m being unreasonably strict about it. How do we deal with this regular sneaking and deception? Oh.. and the lies too. It has happened many times.

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