10-Year-Old Lying - One More Thing


My 10-year-old son has a problem with lying. We have not figured out a solution that completely eradicates this problem, yet. Most recently, we left him at home while we went grocery shopping and when we came home there was a big dent in one of the walls. Obviously, the dog did not do it. He is playing oblivious but has made suggestions as to what could have happened. We have a few of our own. Anyway, my husband (stepdad), without consulting me, decided we would completely cut off his access to video chatting with his biological dad, who lives in another state. I do not necessarily disagree with this method, but I'm also not sure if it is the most effective. I also feel like it is creating a lot of unnecessary resentment towards us because our son feels that we are keeping him from his dad. We have already confiscated any birthday money he had to pay for repairing the wall, but he seems rather unphased by that. I was hoping for some suggestions?

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