N75 with a 19 month old


My almost 19mo began the N75 five days ago, and it has been interesting. The first day she peed on the potty once when I sat with her for several minutes, but she has not done so since. It has just been a constant clean up of pee and poop without once going in the potty since. There doesn't seem to be any pattern with timing- almost like she's holding it because she doesn't want to go in the potty.

I have a little portable potty that I keep in the great room where we are mostly, and I move it outside with us because we're out a lot. She seems to prefer standing to pee and thinks it's funny. She'll sit on the potty (I initiated the potty bell today) for a few minutes, get up and then pee standing up right next to the potty. She also absolutely refuses to sit on the toilet after her nap. Oddly enough, she stays dry through the night and at nap time.

I've read the JR potty book and the terrible twos book, and I'm trying to be cool and consistent, but I don't know what to expect or if anything will change soon. She doesn't seem to get it, and I'm becoming frustrated. HELP!

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