Focus on the How Rather than the Why


My (almost) 3 year old girl has been potty trained for 8 months. She wears underwear during the day and a pull up at night. For the past 2-3 days she has been having frequent pee and poop accidents in her underwear and pull up. Previous to this she had occasional pee accidents but never poop. She doesn’t appear to be sick (stool is normal) but says “uh oh poo poo” when it happens. I am unsure how to approach this. I find myself scolding her but I don’t think that seems productive. She has recently been emotionally stressed from the loud 4th Of July fireworks but that was awhile ago. She has a 10 month old sister that she has been acting jealous around too- pushing, yelling at etc... could this be a cry for attention? Emotional stress? Any advice on how to handle this?

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