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Trouble with Transitions at Preschool


A follow up to my previous question... we have had several informal conferences with the director of my 3 y/o son’s preschool. It seems like everything is fine until he is asked to do something he doesn’t want to do or to make a transition when he’s not ready. The teacher/ director informed me today that he has almost anxiety like behavior when he knows a transition or non preferred activity (nap time) is about to happen. He keeps repeating the same phrase “I don’t want to ....” and whines and cries for 20+ minutes. We have successfully implemented “the tantrum hall” at home but again school doesn’t have the space or staff to implement at school. I keep reading other posts mentioning the ticket system— what is this and how does it work? Would it be appropriate for our situation? (Side note: I really love this school for the great program, and, because he’s an only child needs the social experience. And, while I don’t necessarily “have to” work, I love my job but have some flexibility to move to part time, or quit, if required. Would like your opinion on this as well) Thank you.

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