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Adjusting to Preschool Can Be Tough


My almost 3-year-old son has been attending the same Montessori-based preschool for the past year. 90-95% of the AM drop-offs have been difficult for him resulting in a meltdown. His teacher assured me he recovers within 1-5 minutes after I leave. A couple of weeks ago, he moved up to the 3 y/o classroom. Now when it’s time to lay down or sit quietly for nap time, he is having the same meltdowns asking for mommy or daddy and some days escalating into tantrums with pushing teachers, kicking, and screaming. The teachers are “very gentle” with discipline and have even allowed him to sit in a small chair on his nap mat to read books or play quietly, but yet he still tantrums. I’ve been asked 3 times in the past two weeks to pick him up early. When we’re at home, I’m able to walk away from the tantrums and he is able to recover in his own time, but this is such a small school they don’t have a quiet room or enough staff. Any advice we can pass on to the school and his teachers?

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