4 and 5 year old brothers tag team Mom


My older boy, age 5 has been on the ticket system for about 9 months. He starts the day with 3 tickets and his misbehaviors are screaming at us and not obeying us. My younger boy, 4 has recently started on the ticket system for the same problems. They have multiple screaming fits each day simultaneously and at home and out in public places, no matter. When one starts up the other quickly follows louder and even more obnoxiously until we are completely out of control with them both yelling and grabbing at me while I try to hightail it out of wherever I am into a more secluded location like my car or house. We send them to early bed frequently but the frequency of this disruptive behavior has increased in both boys. We just can't seem to get a grip on it. It's difficult to take them anywhere and theres no telling when or what will set them off.

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