When to Start Potty Training?


Should I start potty training now or wait? Our daughter is 16 months old as of yesterday. I have read your potty book, and my husband and I agree with it and plan on following it. I have already bought 2 potty chairs which will be stationed in her bedroom and living room. Also I am a stay at home mom and she is my only child so I have a lot going for me.
But these are my pros and cons which have me debating if starting now or later would be best.
Pros for starting now:
She's had lots of yeast rash issues that have caused all things diapering to be painful and a bad experience for everyone involved.
We also have to buy the most expensive diapers and creams because of that issue.
She knows what pee and poop are and can make herself pee when I ask (while on changing table or in bathtub)
She already does "chores" like putting her dirty clothes in her basket and putting her toys away.
She understands most things, but is not very verbal yet.
She loves her crib and sleeps 12+ hours at night and we still rock her with a bottle before putting her to bed (which never involves fussing or crying) I don't feel like taking her bottle away and putting her in a big girl bed and potty training all at once is wise...also really wanting her to continue sleeping in the crib as long as she is content with that....which means she will still wear a diaper at night...and probably even if we waited til she was 18 months. Is that a pretty big deal breaker with your method?
We have several friends coming for visits this summer (who will be completely supportive, but possibly just a distraction for her?) plus a 5 hr drive to Grandma's house (1 month from now) if we waited til she was 18 months it would be after all of these things.

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