Nap Time With Twins


Hello. I have twins who are 20 months old.

At nap time and bed time, one twin falls asleep readily. However, the other twin fights sleep.

She doesn't cry or seem too upset. She just sits up in her crib and plays around, babbles to herself, tries to poke at her brother in the adjacent crib, giggles, rolls, etc.

But she typically fights sleep for about an hour, if not more. I've found that going in and disturbing her by trying to rock her will only invigorate her to delay sleeping even further.

Because I'm not sure what to do about it, I just let her play in her crib until her brother wakes up or nap time is over. If she starts to actually cry or get angry, then I'll let her out to play while her brother sleeps.

I've been trying to keep them on the same sleeping schedule.

Am I handling this right, or is there a better way?

Thank you.

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