"Children show respect for parents by obeying them. Parents show respect for children by expecting them to obey. "

5yr old not listening needs the good Dr.


My second child who is 5 years old is always very much in her own head. What I mean is that she seems to be thinking about a hundred different things all the time she is preoccupied with her thoughts, or her counting, or songs, or whenever she is playing she is very deep in thought and like she is in her own world. She is the type that plays don’t step on the crack when out running errands or counts all the tiles on a wall or practices balancing on one foot while she is supposed to be getting dressed. Because of this she doesn’t respond very quickly to me and when she is asked to do something she is easily distracted with whatever thought comes her way and forgets entirely what she should be doing. This is one thing that will surely bring me to the end of my patience especially when we are in a hurry or we have some multi step directions that need to be done. Do you have any help for this? Thank you.

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