Time to Terminate Toddler TV Viewing


I've had a difficult time weaning my toddlers (twins, 20 months old) off the TV.

Part of this has to do with the lifestyle of my husband and I: video games are my husband's main hobby. When he's not doing that, he's always streaming something (e.g. a sitcom or talk radio) because he dislikes silence. I work from home, write (typing), and attend online college courses. So although I rarely watch TV during the day, it appears to my toddlers that I'm on the computer all day.

Its awkward to wean the twins off the internet (streaming their kids' shows) when it appears that we spend a great deal of time online ourselves, even if our purposes are different.

Additionally, I cannot drive. I'm learning now, but it'll take some time to do it safely. Long story short, I lived in a larger, pedestrian-friendly city with clean public transportation before I went to live with my husband in a rural area. There is no public transportation and nothing is "walking distance" around here. We don't have a yard either (apartment building). So we give the twins outings when my husband has free time and energy (Fridays/weekends), but we're basically stuck in the house until then. None of our relatives live nearby.

The twins enjoy being read to, and they have plenty of toys, but due to the conditions above, it has been awkward to figure out a way to reduce their screen time - they throw fits when their shows aren't on and we're a bit concerned about its effect on attention span/mood over time.

I think it will be much easier when I can drive and take them somewhere (e.g. parks, gardens, etc.) daily, but for now, that isn't feasible.

What would be the best way to go about this? Should I just wait it out or is there a way to start now? Thank you.

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