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The 2 Year Old Bedtime Staller


My 22 month old daughter had started displaying stalling tactics to avoid bedtime and other undesirable activities. She wants to kiss all her toys goodnight, attempts to give more kisses and hugs later. It’s never ending. I’m not sure where to draw the line, do I let her give any kisses at all? Do I say she can choose 1 thing to kiss? She also claims to have to poop before putting her in the car seat, I can understand not wanting to poop in her diaper in the car seat, so I let her try but she never does. We also had a potty training reset and we are going to try again at 25 months after our summer vacations, the 19 month attempt was very hard and she wasn’t making any progress after 5 days. She never actually tells me she has to poop when she actually does poop, she only tells me before putting her in the car seat or bed...not sure what to do. Thank you!

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