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Fear Of Bugs


First of all, thank you for all of the advice you've given me on my last questions. Most of it has worked well.
My 4 year old daughter has recently developed a fear of bugs. Every night at bedtime she asks if there are bugs in her room. Or if they can come in her room. She also seems a lot more anxious when she's outside. And this is a girl that walked around all last summer collecting cicada shells. She loved bugs. Is she just now realizing that some bugs can hurt her? Like wasps? Anyway, the fear of bugs at bedtime then turns into her not wanting me to leave her room and when I do, she cries and gets very scared. I go back in several times after leaving to reassure her that she is fine and I love her and I am right outside of her room. (She used to just tell me goodnight and play or read for a minutes before falling asleep). What do you suggest for helping her work through this and getting bedtime back to a peaceful time? I've used the ticket system for other things with her and it has helped, but is this something I should punish for when she seems legitimately scared?

Thanks for your help.

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