"Children show respect for parents by obeying them. Parents show respect for children by expecting them to obey. "

Time for Change


My mom has been babysitting my son while I am at work since he was a baby. When my son turned 2.5 she opened a preschool. He always had behavior issues but now at 4.5, he is even more disruptive. It makes it extremely difficult for my mom to run a preschool with 6-8 kids when he ignores her commands & does what he wants because he feels like he's at home rather than at preschool. My main behavior concerns are running away when at the park, often refusing to do educational activities, being loud, not taking "No" for an answer, ignoring commands.

She tried punishing him, like doing time-outs, which most of the time were ineffective anyway, then she stopped doing even that, because she is worried that when he grows up, he will remember her as a mean grandma and won’t like her. She struggles between playing a dual role as a grandma and a teacher.
I asked her to implement ticketing system, so I could punish him. But again it comes down to her telling me what he did wrong that day, which make her a bad grandma.

What would you recommend I do? Should I put him in a different preschool? I don’t really want to do that, because I trust my mom better than I would anyone else, plus it costs me less than at any other place.

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