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Question: What advise can you give?
I'm a female in a same-sex marriage and have an 8 year old. He doesn't want to live with me because of my instability with moving from place to place and has said that my wife and I argue so much. I made the decision to have him go back to live with his dad out of state due to these issues and it has been very difficult.
I've been feeling very guilty, afraid, unworthy, confused and a bit overwhelmed about this and the more time I spend away from my son the more distant I feel our connection gets. I want him to know that I love him while I'm working my way to a better place in my life. He's happy with his dad although that is also not the best place discipline-wise.
My constant prayer has been to gain clarity and wisdom to move forward in this situation. I've been trying really hard to but I feel that I'm not on the same page with my partner and I honestly feel it impossible or a distant possibility to gain the stability I'm looking for with her to get my son back.

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