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Teacher Emails and When to Request a Conference



I received this email from my daughter's teacher today and am seeking your guidance. This all seems to have been precipitated by a tick bite (her first) that we took care of last week, Thursday. Thank you.

"I am getting very concerned with L's behavior lately. Her anxiety and imagination are taking over. She is really a nervous wreck. She constantly had to go to the bathroom this morning. I would say at least every 15 minutes. She is up at the teacher's aide's desk constantly. She complains about ouchies on her cheek, finger, legs, head, everything hurts. Yesterday she kept telling one aide she was afraid of dying and today she was telling the other she is afraid of surgery . She seems to think that friends are getting together and not including her or had a birthday party that she was not invited. The final thing for me today was they were writing a small story or their own and her second word was "me." She was so frustrated she didn’t know what to do. I tried to explain over and over it does not matter how we spell our words and we even sounded it out together. I had her take deep breaths so she wouldn’t break down and cry. L has always been quite dramatic. This is different. I want to let you both know what we are experiencing at school. If there is anything we can do to ease her anxieties please let us know. It hurts to see her get so upset."

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