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Third Time's A Charm - Until It Comes to Potty Training!


My youngest child is 23 months old. I have been trying to potty train him, but he refuses to go on the potty. He does not like to be naked, and when I let him to go without a diaper, he brings me a clean diaper to put on him!

My first two children were potty trained at 24 months, which I am so happy about. But my youngest one cries and asks to stand up. He understands what it is and what needs to be done there, but refuses to do it. What should I do?


Thank you for your dedication to parentguru.com. Good job with your elder children's potty success. Remember that all children are different and may master skills at varying rates. Rest assured, your youngest will get it in due time. It is expected that he would refute this transition. All of his short life he watched you wipe, wash, and wrap his bottom. This potty training idea is new and absurd to him. It is your (the parents) responsibility to lead him to effective toilet training. I encourage you to limit his liquid intake to water, provide plenty of healthy snacks and sit him on the potty hourly, consistently. Use a timer, setting it for 60 minutes after he excretes some form of waste. Repeat this process until the transition is complete. It appears that your youngest is putting up more of a defense to potty training than your older children. Therefore, ensure that you express a calm demeanor with a firm parental stance - not allowing his refusal to frustrate you. He does NOT have the option to refuse. When he does, immediately, return him to the potty. He can cry, but he cannot get up until he successfully uses the potty. I urge you to love, lead, and use common sense, keeping in mind that your son WILL learn how to effectively and appropriately relieve himself. Manage this process with patience and consistency.

Hunker down and stay the course,

Wallace Collins
Certified Leadership Parenting Coach
Collins Parent Coaching, LLC

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