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Potty Training, day two.


Hi, we are on day two of potty training our 19 month old daughter using N75. We have been sitting on the potty every 30 minutes and she happily sits there and we read books for about 5 minutes, but does not produce any urine or poo. When she does have an accident on the floor, she starts screaming and running to me. I hug and reassure her, put her on the potty, and tell her "next time we peepee on the potty." Yesterday, she had her first bowel movement halfway on the potty and had what seemed to be a panic attack. I calmed her down, congratulated her, and we cleaned up. However, since then, she has been holding her urine for hours and screaming and crying when she can't hold it any longer, despite my reassurances that it's OK to go. She has not had another bowel movement. I can tell she has to go, because she dances around the house anxiously, but will not go, whether or not she's on the potty. She eventually starts peeing on the floor when she can no longer hold it and I put her on the potty, where she finishes. I then congratulate her and we move on. What am I doing wrong? Neither myself nor my husband have scolded her for accidents. I know you say the earlier the better, but is she just not ready?

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