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Toilet Training Times Two Continued!


To clarify on the former question: Our 3 y.o. son was completely out of diapers for several months (with hardly any success) when we bought Rosemond's book. Before we had the chance to read it, he started going to bathroom on his own and hardly had any accidents for several weeks. Upon starting N75 with our 22 month old daughter, our son almost completely regressed. At this point the only way to keep them dry during the day is to try to remember to set a timer for every 30-45 minutes. If we forget or get interrupted, and wait like an hour interval, they pee themselves. He very rarely goes without being told. She never does. We can trust him to truthfully tell us when he produces. But she never tells the truth, so we have to keep forcing her to sit back down on the potty until she produces. Extremely time consuming, and extremely discouraging when we forget to tell them. Of course they wake up wet nearly every morning (about 6 months for him, 3 months for her).

It seems pointless to force them to go potty literally 20 times a day and still change several pairs of clothes. We are both positive, upbeat people, but we want to see a path towards more independence and consistency.

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