"To be an effective disciplinarian, you must be a model of self-discipline. "

10-Year-Old's Abusive Behavior Demands Zero Tolerance


My ten year old daughter hurts my three year old son. She turned ten in March of this year and he just turned three two months ago. She pokes him in the eyes and leaves scratch marks, screams in his ears, throws ice cubes at him, has even shoved dirt in his mouth, pulls his hair etc., hits him, pushes him it is a bad situation. It has gotten to the point where we have contemplated sending her to live with her grandparents. We do not want to cause long term damage to her, as her grandparents are not strict and we fear she may get more out of control. I have read that I should stop playing referee, but what about the extreme age difference between them. 7 plus years. I will not go into a long list about what we have tried, but we have been super strict for the last two plus years and nothing works. I am worried that the realization I was being to lenient as a parent occured to late. This is just the tip of the iceberg in this out of control situation.

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