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Growing as a Goalie and Growing in Life


My 11 year old son has been playing soccer for 7 years. He has had great success in his position and is well liked by his coaches & teammates. Recently he’s been told he will likely be moved up to a higher tier team and his been invited to guest play with these teams on several occasions. He has always been able to manage the demands of being a goal keeper and has the right disposition for that role. Since the news of being moved up it seems he’s placing unrealistic expectations on himself and feeling lots of pressure. I'm confused because he was thrilled at the prospect of being recruited for a higher team initially. Now his confidence is really taking a hit and he’s doubting his abilities. He’s said he doesn’t think he wants to continue. I want to encourage him to continue & perservere so he can see what he’s capable of and grow in confidence as a young man. I worry that if we let him quit when things get hard or uncomfortable we will be setting a precedent that it is fine to give up or quit under these circumstances. What advice can you offer on this situation? Thank you!

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