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Potty Refusals


I am entering my 2nd month of potty training my 23 month old. He started off great, and we had a lot of success. However, I have noticed in the past two weeks, he has been EXTREMELY stubborn and often will refuse the potty when offered, only to pee on the floor soon afterwards. He refuses to use any potty outside of the house, making errands impossible (he even refuses to use his mini potty when I take it with us). He will also run and hide when I tell him it's time to potty, and has a couple hiding places that he runs to specifically to pee on the floor. Using a potty bell initiates the running most of the time. I would say his rate is 60%-40% most days in favor of misses at this rate. He will also wait to poop in his pants when we go on a walk in the stroller (even when I offer the potty right before we leave). When he starts to pee (or poop) on the floor, I will alert him with "no" and take him immediately to the potty. I tell him "pee/poop goes on the potty" and he has to clean up his mess. I'm a bit at a loss over what to do...although he is ALSO starting to refuse naps, so maybe the two are connected? As I write this, he has peed on the floor THREE times in the past thirty minutes, without any prompting. Please help me.

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