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Thank you for the response and I’m so sorry for your loss. Can you clarify how the private parenting coaches work and how much it is and for what amount of time? I’ve been reading The Well Behaved Child, but have only gotten to chapter 2 - and I guess the new “material” is in chapter 3, but I’m not supposed to skip ahead. I wish there was an audio version of this book!!!

One more question I’ve been dealing with. With my 6 year old (very strong willed) sensitive child, I’m not sure how to treat the “spiral out of control” rage. When she feels even the slightest bit of push back or consequence she seems to spiral. For example, I can calmly tell her that because she hit her sister (maybe a swat on the arm), she will no longer be watching any more TV and to go to the time out chair. She then spirals almost into a rage. She may hit/kick/punch her sister immediately. As I grab her arm to take her to the timeout since she “refused” to go, she swats at me, calls me “stupid” and can lash out even more. As her rage seems to increase with incidences, I usually give more severe punishments for the other infractions. By the end of the whole thing, she has accumulated many punishments as she knows that each offense is punishable. It’s so hard when it seems like the original thing was much more minor. Or, I will say, it’s even more annoying even when we have a calm conversation just STATING what future consequences would be if any “said” infraction was made. We were just informing her of the rules and it tail spins.

My other kids don’t lash out like this and can come back from a quick punishment with a changed attitude (maybe they are more compliant in nature).

What can help the DRAMA & RAGE?

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