Strike a Balance


I’m having a difficult time with my nearly 6 year old son. It feels like we are butting heads all of the time. He has become increasingly more sensitive lately. Throwing huge tantrums, crying over small things and lacking self confidence. Just a few examples: riding his bike. He’s doing great and then falls one time and goes crazy saying he hates his bike and wishes we had never bought it. At dinner I tried to show him how to hold his fork and he started crying. At church they changed to a new room and he had a full blown meltdown for 30 min.

My husband and I are very irritated by his ridiculous behavior and so we have reacted out of anger and frustration. That hasn’t worked well. So we have tried being encouraging and supportive. Sometimes it feels over the top and coddling.

How can we help our son ‘grow up’ and have confidence? We feel lost. He is having meltdowns several times a day.


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