Battle Weary


I have 18 month old twins, a boy and a girl. They haven't yet developed verbal skills; they don't recognize "no", or even their own names. I've been told that this is common among twins at this age.

Over the course of the last few months, all of my health-related interactions with them (brushing teeth, feeding, changing diapers, and bathing) have become difficult because each twin struggles against it.

While I'm trying to get in and brush their teeth, they'll purse their lips and start trying to thrash about or run.

While I'm trying to feed them, they'll do the same thing in their high chair: purse their lips and thrash about, even if I'm trying to give them several options they liked as recently as yesterday. I don't want their weight drop (like many twins, they are on the smaller side), so this is important to me. Continuing to feed them the diet they want (milk and formula) has caused problems that should have been over after infancy (e.g. gas, colic) to continue. I really need to get them to eat solid foods or at least smoothies, but this is a struggle every day.

When I'm trying to change their diapers, they will try rolling, wiggling, kicking, etc. I have held them in place and firmly said "stay", and have done this for about a month, but there has been no change in behavior.

When it comes to bathing, I cannot get them to sit down in the tub. They prefer to walk around in the tub.

Is there a better way to make these daily battles a little smoother?

Thank you.

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