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Homeschool Blues


I homeschool my 13 year old son. We are fairly new to our current city and have recently made friends by joining a local co-op. My son was asked, by his new friends, to join an additional co-op. This co-op is a group called Classical Conversations. We were told it would be no trouble for him to join even though there were only 12 weeks left in the program. I had to change curriculum in every subject to adjust to their sequence, but I allowed him to join. I now see that it was a wrong decision made hastily. He can't keep up.Thus far, he had been progressing academically, but he worked slowly. Now his school day stretches into the evening. To stay in this group we will have to school all summer to catch up. I say "we" because the material is moved through quickly and Michael can't keep pace. To me, staying in this program is like erecting a building on an incomplete foundation. He was not ready. And next year, in Challenge B, they use a Logic program that is designed for high-school. My son is just not there. Because of his new-found friends, I feel bad about jumping ship. Frankly, I am overwhelmed. I should have taken more time to look closely at the program to see if it was a good fit. I guess I am now looking for some outside perspective.

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