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Standing up to a Bully


My son is 7th grade and at a new school. Middle school has been hard. Today a very big boy in his class who he normally is friends with pushed him in the hall because he was trying to show out in front of a girl. My son pushed him back. The boy punched him three times in the face but not hard enough to leave a mark. He did not continue to fight back. No teachers were present. He did not want to tell on him because the boy would get everyone to go against my son. He doesn’t want to to call the school because the boys will call him snitch and make it worse. Any suggestions? The boy gets angry easy and wants to fight. Usually my son walks away but he pushed back and the boy showed out in front of the girl. I suggested letting it go and always walk away if he starts pushing. He has been to his house several times and not had to many problems. Lots of boys in middle school trying to impress girls and be tough. Need some advice.Thanks.

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