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'Children Challenging Chores'


I am troubled with the completion of chores issue. I like to get stuff done then play and have attempted to teach my kids the same values or strategies but..... being kids of course they choose play first. I have said they need to have all chores done before bed and some have time frames (beds are made in the morning), while others do not (piano practice time). I do however do too much reminding (dry dishes, unpack your backpack, check your chores .....). They are 11.5 and almost 8 years old . I don't want to remind. Is that realistic? Do I need to just relax my wishes and as long as things are all done by end of day stop stressing? I am thinking of using the ticket system with 4 and 5 tickets respectively for each. The behaviors for BOTH that are issues are: not listening (often need to repeat, raise voice etc to get something done), talking back (The 11 year old says he is explaining his point), getting chores done . Does this seem reasonable? Do the chores belong on here? P.s. just finishing the recommended book: The Well Behaved Child. Turns out I have read at some point years ago as we used charts. Thank you

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