Odd "Girl" Out - 6, 5 and 3 Year Old Struggle to Play Together


When my 3 girls are together (ages 6, 5, 3) they will often only want to play 2 at a time,and leave the third one out. Also, because of this the 3 year old wants to follow them around to get attention, and will be mischievous as in taking toys they want to play with. It doesn't only happen to the younger one, sometimes the 5 and 3 will play together and the older is left out. I know it is normal and I tell them that if someone doesn't want to play with you, you need to find something else to do. But, I just need a framework for how to think about this so I will be more sure about myself when dealing with this. Often I will also come in and say if we can't play together then no one will play. I just want to have a better understanding as to when to make them play together and when to give them time alone. Right now it feels a bit arbitrary as to when I say find something else to do and when I make them play together. Thanks for the input. By the way, I have been taking time with each of them separate for their special time with mom for 10 mins on days that I can, though usually one of the siblings is stalking us or asking if they can join :)

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