"Parents cannot effectively communicate their love to a child unless they are also a source of effective authority. "

In Control without Controlling


We seem to be stuck on screen time issues in our house. Our kids, 11 and 7 are allowed 20 min a day once they have completed all their chores. Markedly less than many children are allowed (as my 11 year old son has assured me his friends have hours). They set a timer to let them know time is up but of course when you are in the middle of a battle, or race etc etc it is very hard to stop cold turkey so to speak. He will usually ask me, "Is it okay if I finish.....this battle....race....?" I generally say yes. I do not feel he abuses this extra time but this is where my husband and I are at odds. He says, "timer goes, time is done." He says it is gray otherwise and he does not know how to enforce. I say, he has done all we have asked, it is minimal and I usually let him finish. (it is generally 5 or less minutes more). I do not see this as one of those battles to pick knowing if it were me....I would have trouble dropping my book mid chapter or finishing a thought in an email etc..... Suggestions? Thank you!!

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