"Give your children regular doses of Vitamin "N," as in "No." "

Puberty and Lingerie Continues to be a problem


We are continuing to have a problem with my son, now 14, and girls clothes. I noticed some of my items missing recently, black camisole and a black slip. I found a bag in his closet filled with all sorts of girls underwear, bras, bathing suits. My slip and camisole were also in the bag. I found another bag with a blouse of mine that I had put into a bag that was to be donated. I am concerned that he is interested in wearing the clothes and I am not sure what direction I should go in. He does not have a phone and has limited access to social media. He has started vaping and we are working with his medical dr. to convince him of the health issues. Please advise as to what we should do to help him with this.

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