7 year old boy needs leadership to solve the problem


We are using the Strike System with our two children. Our seven year old boy often receives all of his strikes as he is a High Misbehaver (currently) and is sent to his room. However, he will not stay there. He is constantly coming out of his room (all bedrooms are on the upper floor of our home away from common areas). He then does all sorts of things like squirting lotion into the carpet to, today, setting his sheets on fire somehow.(He was unharmed, and the fire was put out). We do check on him when he is in his room continuously, but it only takes a few seconds to run to the bathroom and squirt lotion on the floor etc. We can not figure out how to keep him in his room, and also to do it safely. The window is locked, his room has been completely cleared of harmful things (other than outlets, and a wall heater), but he is very intelligent and also apparently terrible averse to boredom. So we are worried if we actually lock the door he will hurt himself in some way or smuggle something into his room as he did today. We are utterly stumped!

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