Trim Teen Talk Time?


My son will be 16 In a month. When he was younger, he and I (his mother) would have 'talk time' - when we would lie in bed before he went to sleep to talk, share, etc. We stopped doing that a couple years ago. A couple months ago, he went through this phase where it seemed he hated my guts - it seemed as if I was his worst enemy. It was extremely hard for me; but I chalked that up to his growing up and trying to separate from me (I also did a lot of praying and adjusting in how I communicated with him, trying to treat him more like a young man, etc.). Now, our relationship has taken a 180 (I honestly don't know what to attribute that to); and our relationship is very close, warm and trusting - actually, in some ways, better than ever; but he is also requesting 'talk time' again. I don't want to say 'no' because I am only too glad that he's wanting to share and talk; but my husband feels it is inappropriate given my son's age.
What do you think I should do?

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