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Concerns from a Grandmother


I would like for Dr Rosemond to respond with his advice on a question I have already submitted 3 times concerning my 4 year old granddaughter. I understand the first two responses I received but the last one was quite disappointing. I asked about the fact that my granddaughter says she wants to be a boy and her parents have taken her to a therapist who says to "follow her lead" and therefore have let her dress and wear her hair like a boy. If you see her now you don't realize she's a girl. I realize I am not the parent and I have no say in this but I joined your website because I have great faith in Dr. John Rosemond and have followed him for years. I'm sure he would give me some kind of advice on how to move forward. When it comes down to them expecting me to accept that and I can't is she better off if I step aside because I won't lie to her and let her believe she can be a boy. Am I the only grandparent going through this?

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