"To be an effective disciplinarian, you must be a model of self-discipline. "

Strategy for Grandparent involvement.


Our son left his wife and child soon after she gave birth. We've remained close to her and our grandson and we've gotten even closer since both of her parents have passed away in the past 2 years. She remarried 10 years ago and has had two more children. Her husband's parents have always treated our grandson as one of their natural grandchildren when it comes to gifts at Christmas, birthdays, etc. and we have done the same for her additional children. Her mother-in-law just sent a package for one of the kids' birthday. She included a small gift for their non-birthday grandchild but not our grandson. In the past, she has always sent something small for both non-birthday kids, and our grandson's face just fell in disappointment when he realized he'd been left out. How do we constructively help him deal with this? My daughter-in-law is so hurt for his sake, is she making too much out of this? We plan to continue sending gifts to all the kids the way we have in the past. Should I encourage her to overlook it?

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