Suddenly defiant.


My daughter turned 4 this week. She is sweet and doesn’t require tons of discipline for the most part ( although the last two weeks have proven differently). It’s like she woke up a different child. Even her teacher commented I never have to get on to her and she is typically one that does not get in trouble but the last week has been different. She is defiant. She cries to get her way... like on the ground temper tantrum.. she is also saying things that are flat out disrespectful and hurtful. Ex: her teacher asked her to stop Messing with another child and her response was no I don’t want too. (In the past she would have stopped if not immediately certainly after the second ask.)
I am probably over reacting and having a hard time taking the emotion out of it. So I yell and put her in timeout. Which I know is probably why she keeps doing it..

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