Two-Year-Old Food Tosser Needs to Change Her Ways!


My daughter just turned two years old last week. For the past month she has been tossing her food on the ground at the end of a meal. Sometimes she hands it to us but about 1/3 of the time she throws her food down when she is finished and it is clear that she thinks it is funny and gets the attention of her 5 year old sister. My husband and i have tried to communicate that this is not acceptable through tone of voice in saying no and even recently my husband has taken to slapping her hand as a sort of "spanking." (We have not otherwise spanked her but are not sure what to do to get the message across.)

By the way, she is a happy little girl and doing super well overall. With the insight from you all and trial and ERROR from toilet training our oldest daughter, we took to toilet training our younger daughter starting at 18 months and she has taken to it very well. She uses a diaper at nap and nights but otherwise is potty trained! We are so grateful for the insights ParentGuru and Dr. Rosemond shared to help us through toilet training in a non dramatic way!

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